What Are Guides?

Three types of Guides are featured on the Vintage Pattern Lending Library Blog.

  • Fashion Guides
  • Project Guides
  • Technique Guides


A Fashion Guide contains information on the styles, colors and fabrics of a specific historic era. Drawn from the archives of The Vintage Pattern Lending Library , they feature beautiful graphics and text from original period source material.


Project Guides are step by step, detailed instructions on how to construct patterns published by The Vintage Pattern Lending Library.

A Project Guide is very much like a on-line class room providing much more detailed information, and usually accompanied by photos, diagrams or other illustrations to help clarify the more esoteric aspects of historic garment construction.

Original to the era constructions methods are often provided, as well as modern alternatives so that users may mix and match what best suits their style and needs.


A Technique Guide provides detailed instructions on how to recreate a single, specific historic construction element.

Each Technique Guide includes the historic information to recreate the element as it was originally intended, as well as modern short cuts to produce the look – for those on a time budget.

Information is drawn from original era specific source material, and contains, photos, text, diagrams and illustrations for step by step construction.

One comment on “What Are Guides?

  1. Theresa Walton says:

    I would love to be involved in this project. I’m a school nurse but I also sew costumes for the local Community Theater

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