Checking Off The List

A pictogram to identify an issue as resolved.

Thank you all for being so patient over these last few months.

The Vintage Pattern Lending Library had a few bumps in the road, that kept me from posting – but all seems resolved, or well on it’s way to being resolved.  I see lots of big green check marks on my To Do list – so it must mean that I’m getting closer to arriving at where I want to be!

There are some very exciting things that I hope to be announcing soon.  These developments (like a fine wine) have taken some time and energy to bring to their finest peak . . . but I am sure everyone out there will be as delighted when it comes time to break the news.

So  –  if you have stopped in hoping to see new content, only to be disappointed, please accept my apologies for the long silence.

There should be some new goodies coming your way on the blog by this weekend!

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One comment on “Checking Off The List

  1. Maggie Hallam says:

    I’d love to see this wonderful coat pattern available as part of the VPLL. Love your patterns!

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