# H1440 – Hat Tutorial

Hello Everyone!

The tutorial for this pattern is completed now, and will be posting up every Thursday morning until it’s completed.

The first section of this tutorial was published last November, and it took a while to navigate the learning curve of a new camera – and to get the instructions all written up.

If you would like to participate in the Sew Along – you’ll need to pick up a copy of the pattern for the hat.  The participants will receive the pattern sheet only.  As the updated graphics and detailed instructions will be posted here on the blog, as we work through them. The pattern cost is $ 4.00 (a nice discount!) which includes shipping to get it to you.  (Additional postage is required for our International friends.)

Interested?  Want to Sew Along?  Drop an email to us at:


And a Paypal invoice will be forwarded to you for the pattern sheet.

If you can’t wait, and want to dive right in – you can purchase the retail pattern, and the direct download of the complete tutorial at the links below:

#H1440 – Hat Pattern Package

#H1440 –  Complete Tutorial in pdf form


New From Our Clients

This lovely version of our pattern # Z2773 in black and white was made for the Art Deco Weekend in Napier New Zealand, the biggest event of it’s kind inthe world (much bigger even than the Great Gatsby picnic held in San Francisco every year)!

This outfit won two first prizes at the event. “Women’s Reproduction Day Wear” and overall “Best in Show”