Sew Along Event! 1920’s Cloche Hat!

Announcing the first Vintage Pattern Lending Library Sew Along!

Starting November 6, 2009

The 1920’s Cloche Hat!


The Sew Along is a new Event hosted by the Library that will delve into the details of sewing a specific pattern from the Library’s collection.  Usually the pattern will be one in which the source material instructions are sketchy, incomplete or missing.  However, if there is a popular request, a pattern with more complete instructions may be featured.

For those participating in the Sew Along, the featured pattern will be offered at a discounted cost.  The participants will receive the pattern sheet(s) only.  As the updated graphics and detailed instructions will be posted here on the blog, as we work through them.

Every Friday the next section of the tutorial will be posted.  Participants will have one week to work through the set of directions, and ask questions before the following Friday when the next tutorial will be available.

Until the Sew Along for the current project is complete – it will only be accessible to those who are signed up as participants.

Interested?  Want to Sew Along?  Drop an email to us at:

And a Paypal invoice will be forwarded to you for the pattern sheet, and you will be emailed a list of materials, and registered to access the first tutorial going up on November 6.

3 comments on “Sew Along Event! 1920’s Cloche Hat!

  1. Jan says:

    Doesn’t say how much the invoice will be for. Love to sew along.

  2. ilene sicanoff says:

    would love to participate in the sew along for the hat- Ilene Sicanoff

  3. I have this pattern and would love to sew along with you!
    Please advise.

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