1950’s Ladies Suit


Ladies Suit Size 32 Inch Bust

This ensemble features an interesting neck line design on the dress. Because the model on the left is turned sideways, it’s hard to see — but it is sort of like a rounded scoop neck – with these strange little pointy bits at the corners.

The jacket has a stand-up collar, and a flared waistline, with some open-seam details, giving it some little tabs at the bottom.


Digitizing is completed on all pattern pieces. Editing on the instruction graphics is in process.


August 15


3 comments on “1950’s Ladies Suit

  1. Stephanie says:

    I do hope this pattern is released on the 15th, it’s a beautiful suit and I’d love to order a copy!


  2. Alex says:

    So when is this going to be available? I love it, and think it would be perfect for work!

    • vpll says:

      Soon! Just got back from my honeymoon this week – and there’s not much left to do on getting the instructions put together. Hopefully by Monday! I’ll send you a note when it’s up on the website.


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